Lee Heights Community Church
4612 Lee Rd
Cleveland, OH 44128

Phone: (216) 581-2448
E-mail: leeheights@juno.com

Founded: 1957
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   Robin Dean Miller, Co- Pastor
   Vikki Pruitte-Sorrells, Co- Pastor
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Statement of Purpose

With the help of God, it is our aim to: establish a neighborhood church.....

1. Where everyone is truly welcome without exception.

2. Where the entire Bible is taught and esteemed as the Word of God.

3. Where people of various denominational backgrounds can find a common meeting ground within the community.

4. That will be evangelistic in its efforts; where folks can find the Lord, and experience deliverance from sin.

5. Whose members are guided by the Holy Spirit of God to the extent that the true fruits of the Spirit will be seen as evident in their lives.

6.That is supported locally by tithes and offerings of devoted Christians.

7. That will be vitally interested in the needs of the community and actively engaged in its welfare.

8. That meets the practical needs of Christian education and services through its Adult Bible Class, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School Community Center Programs, Weekday Bible Clubs and Summer Camp.

9. Where divine love exists among the believers, so that expressions of Christian fellowship will be the common practice rather than the exception.

10. That is Christ-centered to the extent that He is recognized not only as Savior, but Lord of our lives as well.

anyone wanting to learn or help run the sound board?

Please contact Greg Battle

Lee Heights Community Church- A Christ-centered church family welcomes all to join us in worship, in fellowship and service; to be peacemakers and share the love of Jesus and the Holy Word of God in our communities.

God Bless the Whole World No Exceptions
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