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MATTHEW 22:37-39





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Lee Heights Community Church is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial community of followers of Christ called to glorify God by advocating peace and justice in our community and the World; where people of all faiths are invited, welcomed, loved, and accepted.

Currently the church building is closed due to COVID-19, however join us on Sunday mornings for worship service as we stream here(Click OUR SERVICE button), on Facebook(Lee Heights Community Church), and YouTube.

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Peery family

Service Details

We hold worship services every Sunday at 11:00am

For Sunday Schools check our announcements

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Our Youth

The foundation of family is our children. We value our children and teach them the ways of Christ.

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Beth & Mae


We are present and continue to be involved in our community as Christ's followers and peacemakers.

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You are always WELCOME

You are Special. You belong to God. Join us as we learn to love one another in PEACE

All Prayer Warriors Know What To Do!!!

Gerald Hughes (University), Carla Miller, Sarah Williams, Bob Workman, David Rozier, Khadija Moore, Morghan Moore, Lula White, Mary Banks, Naomi Ngolo, Rachel McDonald, Reoma and Reese Peery, Maria Lamar, Daniel Liggins, William Hall, Robert Ward, Dudley Thomas, Evelyn Ward, Tonda Colston, Frank Blake, Delores Motley, Clara Davis, Eric Wathen, Birdie Taylor, Carol Boddy, The Workman family, Larry Tubbs, Jessie Wright, Katrina Battle, Jared Beachy, Jean Butts, Rachel Lewis, Hardaye Ramjit, Brian Anderson, Rosy Berkey, Virginia Fleming, Andre Benson, The Lowe Family, Antuan Winchester, Al Anthony, Orene Anthony, Gary Workman, William Blanton, Aaron Rembert, Jon Waltrip, Katherine Shepherd, Anthony Fleming Swopes, Barbra Sorrells, Dante Kimbrough, William Ranfit, Shelley Blake, Walter Kimbrough Jr, Clancy Berry, George Alexander, Kevin Vaughn, Tonda Benson, Marcus Noel, Duane Owens, Charita Buchanan, Gregory Bethune, Arlene Williams, Byron Pratt, Reginald Pratt, Terry Dacus, Raymond Bowling, Jamie Waltrip, Joel Ruffin, Brandon Crawford, Peggy Wright, Katy Eppinger, Clancy Berry, John and Mary Miller, Tommy Dacus, Andy and Betsy Miller and family.

Community Immunity

Health care professionals share informative, helpful, and relevant knowledge to help you make sound and reasonable decisions for yourself and all your loved ones.

Member of Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA